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I love watching students become confident in the kitchen. But today’s lifestyle requires flexibility. For that reason, I offer a variety of options for sharing wonderful food experiences. I schedule classes at my “corporate” kitchen that is an intimate, comfortable, professional venue for small groups. Each class that takes full advantage of the season’s bounty.

I call these full participation, hands-on, semi-private cooking classes. Every class makes full use of the ample counter space and professional equipment. I demonstrate how to do the techniques, and the recipes are clear and easy to follow.

From appetizers to dessert, you’ll learn:

  • Basics, including techniques
  • Menu Planning
  • Marketing
  • Serving

Personalized Private Cooking Classes

The class is for one or two people upon request. The class is usually 3 hours long, either in your kitchen or mine.  Janeen guides you throughout the shopping, imparting her cooking tips and techniques to you while you prepare/cook the food, ending with a delicious dining experience with wine pairing.   The cost is $550.00 per class plus materials.

Professional Classes

Ms. Sarlin has vast experience of training and working with private chefs on motor yachts and on land teaching cooks, mother’s helpers, and household service staff and stewardesses to tailor menus to the tastes and needs of their families. To request Professional Classes call 212-517-8514.